Custom Canvas Creations Traverse City Michigan


Tired of the same ole thing?

Like to see something different in the realm of canvas? Well mate, you have come to the right place. We specialize in the unusual.

44′ 47:41″ North
85′ 57:62″ West

Pool Table Covers

Are you tired of folks lookin’ at your cheap vinyl cover and shakin’ their heads!  Well here’s your answer now Uncle Billy!

Check out this leather clad lad on the left, or choose from our Sunbrella Color Collection (on order page), add yer trim ideas and enjoy a custom cover for yer table that will keep yer scurvy crew  smilin’. It’s simple now, Give us yer dimensions, length and width – round er square corners prices range from $120.00 to $175.00.  Additional charge for (fancy frilly things) trim, tassels, etc.


Lawn Furniture Covers

Having no snappy covers for you lawn furniture is just not right!  Beautiful, weather resistant Sunbrella Colors in coordinating styles. (Featured on the left is “Linen”)

Prices starting as low as $45.00, send us your dimensions and we’ll get things lookin’ ship shape on your deck mate!

Grill Covers

Cover yer grill to match yer custom lawn furniture.   Custom sizes and styles made to fit.  Featured on the left is Black Sunbrella but the choice is yours (on order page) Starting at $45.00 this might be the last grill cover you’ll ever need, mate.


Snow Blower Covers

Our blower Covers are made from high quality automotive grade vinyl material with heavy fabric backing which protects the cover from hot pipes, sharp edges, sharp nails, cannon balls, snow balls, heavy swells…..

Keep yer blower under cover when she’s not in use. ahhrrrr

Snowmobile Covers Specialty

Snowmobile Covers Standard

Our specialty and standard covers both come to you straight from a hardworking, nimble fingered, old hag.  The standard covers are like the “universal” covers you may have seen in stores from over seas.  OUR standard priced covers are hand made from YOOPER BLUBBER© (find out more on the order page about the YOOPER BLUBBER© option).

Standard cover pricing starts at 69.95.  Request a quote on  Specialty covers – using multiple colors.  Both of these covers are trailer-able and hold up under any weather conditions.

Make, model, year, is great info but WE NEED the length and width (if you can tell it without lyin’ about it) to do our best work for you.

    ou have found the best source on the web for Custom Covers.  

    •  Boat, car, grills

    •  Snowmobile, motorcycle

    •  Awnings for buildings; restaurants, stores, markets, parlors, ship yards

    •  Specialty, and More!

      Look above to see some of our custom hand made covers.  Click Order to see the colors by Sunbrella or a lower cost, but tough alternative in covers is our own brew known as Youper-Blubber©  Click HERE to order, or just request more information – no obligation is required to use the Order / Quote page.